? Advancing Technology with Innovation

In order to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment, we strives to make innovations in technology and products and constantly improves our management model.

? Provide High-Quality Service

We strives to help customers access a simple, effective and safe scientific research process by upgrading our products.

? Solve Industry Challenges

We help clients solve the most complicated problems in the sampling process by relying on abundant professional scientific technology and practical experience.



Earth Environment
Detection of atmosphere, soil gas, lake and ocean gas and disaster

Auto Industry
VOC detection of interior accessories and components of civil vehicle and
railway vehicle

Healthcare Industry
Detection of respiratory gas

Chemical Industry
Detection of flue gas and
process gas
Protect Environment and Continue to Innovate
  • In?2018We?become?an?ISO?9001:2015?certified?company?again.
  • In?2017We?were?honored?with?Certificate?of?SGS?Excellent?Supplier?provided?by?SGS-CSTC?Standards?Technical?Services?Co.,?Ltd.
  • In?2015We?cooperated?with?National?Oceanography?Centre?Southampton?in?United?Kingdom.
  • In?2013In?September?2013,we?became?an?ISO?9001:2008?certified?company.
  • In?2013We?cooperated?with?Takuvik?Joint?International?Laboratory?at?Université?Laval,?Québec?City,?Canada.?Our?product?has?been?applied?to?measure?DMS,?a?reduced?volatile?biogenic?sulphur?compound?in?Arctic?ice?cores.


Corporate Name:

Dalian Delin Gas Packing Co.,Ltd


No.5 Linyin St, Xigang District, Dalian,

Liaoning 116011


[email protected]

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